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World TB Day 2022

Publication date : 24/03/2022
The Central Africa clinical research Network (CANTAM) was established in 2009 as one of the EDCTP regional network of excellence ...Read more

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The CEO of FCRM was elevated to the rank of Officer in the Congolese Order of Merit

Publication date : 09/03/2022
The CEO of FCRM was awarded and elevated by presidential decree to the rank of Officer in the Congolese Order of Merit this ...Read more

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Interrnational women's day

Publication date : 08/03/2022
CANTAM has been working for ten years on the emergence and development of WOMEN in research by applying when necessary positive ...Read more

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CANTAM-3 1st F2F Steering Committee Meeting, February 23 and 24th 2022 Dubai, UAE

Publication date : 01/03/2022
This was the Opportunity to assess the progress of the first Seven months of the project cycle and to establish corrective ...Read more

Published by : Cantam

A Member of the CANTAM Consortium receives the Christophe Mérieux Prestigious prize for 2022

Publication date : 08/02/2022
Professor Joseph KAMGNO is an Epidemiologist and Public Health Specialist. He received his medical degree in 1994 at the Centre ...Read more

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