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Celebration of the 2019 World Malaria Day in CANTAM Institutions

Each year on the 25th of April, the world commemorates the World Malaria Day. The Central Africa Clinical Research Network (CANTAM) engaged in the fight against malaria since its creation in 2009. CANTAM celebrated this day whose theme was “Zero Malaria Starts with Me” through the organization and participation of its institutions in the various events in the countries of the subregionthe FCRM.

Scientific Day at the Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacovigilance Unit (UPC-PV) of the University of Kinshasa and a seminar on the presentation of results from Malaria research at the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) in Cameroon

The Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacovigilance Unit (UPC-PV) participated in the 3rd Malaria Scientific Days organized by the National Malaria Program in the DRC. The work took place at the Memling Hotel in Kinshasa from April 29 to 30, 2019. These Days brought together more than 150 researchers from several local research institutions (University of Kinshasa, National Institute for Biomedical Research "INRB") (Universities of Kisangani and Lubumbashi) and internationally (US CDC, University of North Carolina, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute). The United Nations agencies (WHO, UNICEF) as well as donors committed to the fight against malaria (USAID, Global Fund through the Rural Health NGO “SANRU”, PATH) demonstrated during this day by different interventions. This research work enabled the various stakeholders to discuss progress in the fight against malaria in DR Congo.
It was also an opportunity to share on the CANTAM network through the presentation of Prof TONA (April 30th, 2019) who talked about the current PYRAMAX Phase IV study with the exhibition of 2 posters on which are summarised the activities of CANTAM by the institutions that are comprised the network. The chairman of the Scientific Committee, Professor Thierry BOBANGA, emphasized in his closing presentation that CANTAM network represents an opportunity for cross-border malaria surveillance in the sub-region

In Cameroon, the University of Yaoundé-I (UY1) at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences hosted majority of the malaria researchers who in turn gave a presentation of their respective projects. The coordinator of the National Malaria control Program (NMCP), Dr Achu Dorothy Fosah took this opportunity which was covered by the national media to outline the steps the ministry of Public Health has put in place to reduce and why not eliminate malaria. The proper use of mosquito nets, vector control are the best practical approaches to control malaria while waiting for a viable vaccine. Some of the few steps to avoid malaria are to restrict storage of water in tyres, pots, coolers and tanks. Good diagnostic test with new drugs are all the options we have now to eliminate malaria. Prof Rose Lekeh presented her talk on community awareness for the proper implementation of the package Dorothy listed while citing cases of Ethopia and Uganda.
Prof Mbacham W. answered question related to the poor distribution method asked by Leonard, on the authorities to target public holidays, where most individuals will be at home. While Dr Dorothy highlighted the challenges, they face with the distribution and promised the next phase of distribution will observe some mark improvement.

Presentation by Dr Karl IMBOUMY of CIRMF during the 5th Medical day in Gabon

In the Republic of Congo, the outstanding event of the day was the price awarded by the PNLP Cordinator to the best laboratory technician in malara diagnosis (4th edition)

The PMTL, which was instituted by the Congolese Foundation for Medical Research in 2012, was allocated on this 25th April 2019, to the Research Centre on Infectious Diseases by the Cordinator of PNLP to Mr. Albert Etou, working in the Hospital of Gamboma in the Plateau region (centre of Congo)

The award recipients with the Cordinator of PNLP and the Cordinator of CANTAM

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