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Symposium of EDCTP Regional Networks of Excellence and Developing Excellence in Leadership, Training and Science (DELTAS) consortia, 23 November 2022, Cape Town, South Africa

The Global Helath Network organised a major conference on "Enabling Health Research in Every Healthcare Setting" at the University of Cape Town, South Africa on 24 - 25 November 2022.

During this conference, the NoEs jointly organised with the DELTAS consortia a symposium on research capacity building with the main theme: Lessons from EDCTP Regional Networks of Excellence and Developing Excellence in Leadership Training and Science (DELTAS) Consortia.

The objective was to share the experience of implementing various theories of change for research capacity building among the EDCTP Regional Networks of Excellence and DELTAS funded consortia.

The CANTAM team presented the theory of change implemented by the CANTAM network and the milestones achieved by the consortium, challenges and future plans, with a focus on gender balance and considerations, with the network coordinator's particular interest in women and science and the WISE project.

Representatives of the CANTAM Network

The EDCTP NoEs are working on holding more joint activities to move forward more smoothly together.

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