Published in 18/12/2018 Written by Edar

Meeting with Drugs Regulatory Authorities in Cameroon, Congo and Gabon

As part of the multi-center Phase IIIb/IV PYRAMAX trial involving Central Africa countries (Cameroon, Rep of Congo, Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo) it was necessary to train or strengthen regulatory authorities in their Pharmacovigilance competence under the leadership of the Clinical Pharmacology Unit and Pharmacovigilance (UPC-PV) from the university of Kinshasa.
Due to the fact that all the CANTAM countries are not at the same level of competence, UPC-PV has set up targeted training to meet up with the needs of each country.

It is in this context that stakeholders meeting involving National regulatory authorities of Cameroon, Rep of Congo and Gabon respectively and CANTAM members coordinated by Prof. Gauthier MESIA KAHUNU was organized. This activity contributes to encourage ownership.
At the different sites, the gaps were identified and the appropriate framework for the implementation that will be conducted during the second phase was established. Specifically, this second phase will consist of Human resources training workshops.

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