Published in 21/11/2019 Written by Edar

Third Annual Steering Committee Meeting of the Central Africa Clinical Research Network (CANTAM)

Members of the Central Africa Clinical Research met at the PEFACO Hotel, MAYA MAYA, Brazzaville-Congo for the Annual Steering Committee meeting on the 4th & 5th November 2019.

The first day (04th) was mainly a panel discussion over Vox TV on Scientific Research training and opportunities as well as ways to strengthen research capacities in Central African Region. This was in view to celebrate the World Science Day for Peace and Development, always celebrated on 10 November. The occasion to debate on emerging scientific issues and underline the importance and relevance of Science in our daily lives, encouraged by UNESCO by making our societies more sustainable. The theme for this year: "Open science, leaving no one behind."

On November 5, 2019, the core day was to review the networks activities over the last two years and to make projection of pending milestones and deliverables of the network for future action.

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