Published in 09/12/2021 Written by Espoir

Working session on Causal analyses of serious AEFI in vaccination against COVID-19 used in Congo

Established by the Minister of Health in February 2021, the National Causal Analysis Committee (multidisciplinary committee) of the Republic of Congo, held a causal analysis working session on serious AEFI vaccines against COVID-19 used in the country on the 9th December 2021 at the conference room of the National Immunization Program.

This important working session should provide valuable factual information on the safety of these vaccines and strengthen the communication of the ministry in charge of health and vaccination commission to highlight more adherence of Congolese citizens towards vaccination against COVID-19.

Fondation Congolaise pour la Recherche Médicale is represented in this Committee by Mr. Jolivet MAYELA.

Africlinique and CANTAM are supporting the Congolese NRA since the activation of Pharmacovigilance activities, the establishment of major procedures, without forgetting the country's access to the status of 148th full member of the WHO international pharmacovigilance system

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