Published in 16/11/2022 Written by Espoir VAWOU

Women and Science Scholarship Award Ceremony for 2022/2023, November 10th, 2022

For the first time in 2021, a fund for “Women and Science” Scholarship for the Congolese women was initiated by the FCRM and its partners. For this edition, a total of eight (08) scholarships were awarded to female Master 1 and Master 2 students of the Marien Ngouabi University and the Sassou Nguesso University.

For this year, the second edition organised by the FCRM and its partners, awarding scholarship for excellence to female Congolese students and the third attribution of the scientific encouragement prize to Congolese women, patronized by the Madam Antoinette Sassou Nguesso, the First Lady of the Republic of Congo and President of the “Fondation Congo Assistance” on Thursday November 10 2022 at the Canal Olympia Hall in Brazzaville. During this ceremony, the opportunity was used to launch the FCRM’s 2022/2023 “Women and Science” awareness campaign on the theme: "La femme au cœur du savoir" (“The Woman at the Centre of Knowledge”).

This theme echoes the contribution of women of all ages and fields of knowledge. Congolese women’s participation and research innovation will be highlighted by this theme, and will be a reminder of the need to train, encourage and break stereotypes. Knowledgeable women should be projected as sources of inspiration for other women, creating a foundation and a source of solutions to the contemporary global challenges.

Making an important remark, the general director of FCRM reminded the community of the “l’effet Matilda” where many women were intentionally left out of the awards, major publications and Nobel prizes meanwhile their research were endorsed by men: “no more effet Matilda. Knowledgeable women must be sources of inspiration for other women. This will help create a foundation and a source of solution to the contemporary challenges we are faced with.

Ten (10) scholarships in total were awarded to Master 1 and Master 2 students of l'Université Marien Ngouabi. This year, the prize for scientific encouragement for Congolese women was awarded to Dr. Foxie MIZELE (photo) a lecturer in Mathematics in Department of Biostatistics at the l'université Denis Sassou Nguesso, by the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation – Madam Edith Emmanuelle ADOUKI. The minister encouraged all beneficiaries, as well as the girls in the hall, not to relent their efforts in investing in science as a means to actively participate in the development of our country.

This event which celebrated the woman at the center of knowledge, brought together many personalities, African and European scientists, diplomats, local and regional decision-makers, students and their families, and more importantly, the Congolese youth.

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