Published in 01/12/2023 Written by Cantam

World AIDS Day, 2023

December 1st marks World AIDS Day. Demonstrations in support of people living with HIV to combat all forms of discrimination are held all over the world, and this day also compels us to spare a thought for all the victims of this virus.

Celebrated this year under the theme "Empowering Community Leadership", World AIDS Day is much more than a celebration of community achievements; it's a call to action to empower and support communities in their leadership roles. Communities around the world are connecting people to person-centered public health services, building trust, innovating, monitoring the implementation of policies and services, and empowering providers.

However, communities are hampered in their leadership. Scarce funding, political and regulatory barriers, capacity constraints and repressive measures on civil society and the fundamental rights of marginalized populations are hampering progress in HIV care and prevention services. If these obstacles are removed, community-led organizations will have a renewed impetus for the HIV response.

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