University College of London (UCL)

Status : Developed
Country : United Kingdom
Strengths : TB and HIV, clinical trials. Partner be also affiliated and working in Zambia (UCL-UNZA)

Centre de Recherche sur les Filarioses et autres Maladies Tropicales (CRFilMT)

Status : Developed
Country : Cameroun
Strengths : NTDs

University of Buea (UB)

Status : Developing
Country : Cameroun
Strengths : Malaria immunology

Unité De Pharmacologie Clinique et Pharmacovigilance - University of Kinshasa (UK)

Status : Developing
Country : Democratic Republic of Congo
Strengths : Pharmacology and pharmacovigilance

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Let’s fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and NTDs