WP 5

WP5 : Networking, communication, dissemination, advocacy and exploitation

This WP5 is led by Fondation Congolaise pour la Recherche Médicale (FCRM), with the contribution from all other institutions in the network with the following objectives:

  • Establish networking activity with regional research networks (e.g. PANDORA-ID NET, ALERRT and the other EDCTP funded networks such as the NoEs for the other African regions).
  • Facilitate internal (within the partners) and external (e.g. networks, stakeholders and end-users) communications.
  • Increase visibility, enhance awareness and promote project's vision, objectives, activities and outcome
  • Ensure data exchange with relevant WHO, WHO-Afro initiatives and Africa-CDC and regional health bodies.
  • Advocate the translation of research outcome into policy, by involving decision/policymaking and stakeholders since the starting phase of research planning in order to anticipate, address and lower likely barriers that can negatively influence the timely and effectively implementation of research findings into guidelines and policies.

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