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Published by : Espoir Vawou

Mission by the Coordination (FCRM) to UPC-PV, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kinshasa

Publication date : 11/07/2022
The FCRM in its capacity as the coordination site of CANTAM-3 Project has among its main missions, to ensure all partners ...Read more

Published by : Espoir Vawou

Professor Joseph KAMGNO, member of the CANTAM network, winner of the 2022 Christophe MERIEUX prize

Publication date : 03/06/2022
The Central African Clinical Research Network (Le Réseau de Recherche Clinique d'Afrique Centrale) – CANTAM ( ...Read more

Published by : Espoir Vawou

Sensitisation of Students on Malaria at the ALYOU FATIMA School Complex (Complexe Scolaire ALYOU FATIMA)

Publication date : 27/04/2022
According to the FCRM immunologist – Dr. Jean Claude DJONTU: “the objective is to sensitize the students who will henceforth ...Read more

Published by : Espoir Vawou

Prof. Francine NTOUMI’s Advocacy on malaria in the German Parliament

Publication date : 26/04/2022
During her solemn presentation, the President of the Congolese Foundation for Medical Research insisted on the need to support ...Read more

Published by : Espoir Vawou

World Malaria Day Celebration

Publication date : 25/04/2022
Although a steady decline on the global burden of malaria was registered between 2000 and 2015, and despite being preventable and ...Read more

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